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About Us


Syncbubble is a group of music aficionados, supervisors, label owners, composers and anoraks from around the world.
Our aim is to introduce you to music you might never have heard before, opening your ears to new possibilities for your brand, client or campaign.
Discover new music and sync to your film immediately, all in a safe and secure workspace.

Let’s get straight to the point: we are not a music library.

We are very passionate about music and believe its ability to alter the look and mood of a film is unprecedented.
We have worked incredibly hard to curate this collection of tracks, we haven’t stumbled upon them by chance.
Bearing that in mind, the music featured on syncbubble is a mixture of published & unsigned compositions.

Which brings us to the next point: If you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, sadly we may not be it.
We value our composers, labels and artists. We put a price on their music and on our own.
If you are unable to accommodate music into your budget or have even a very small amount to spend, we may not be able to work together.
Due to the nature of the published and unsigned music on syncbubble, all of the tracks come with an appropriate cost.

Most importantly, we are here to supervise and help you with your project.
Looking for music for your campaign can prove daunting at times.
Everyone has an opinion on music, but we spend far too much time talking about it and not enough time listening to it.
So if you prefer the old fashioned way, we are a dedicated team on hand to help.
Pop by our Soho studios if you’re in London for a coffee, chat and listening session.

Simon, Joe, Peter & Andy (picture removed at the request of owner: Andy).








55 Greek Street




Landline: +44 (0)207 993 0661